Phoenix Asian Restaurant

515-987-9787 / 515-987-6115

15700 HICKMAN RD UNIT 120, CLIVE, IA, 50325-7984
  • Sunday to Thursday : 10:50 AM to 09:15 PM<br> Friday and Saturday : 10:50 AM to 09:15 PM<br>

Type:Full service,Dine in,Take out,Catering,Delivery

Cuisine:Chinese Food,Sichuan,Mandarin,Hunan,Shanghainese,Cantonese,Asian fusion,Mongolian Food,Japanese,Thai Food,Healthy,Seafood

beef teriyaki
chicken lo mein
Orange Chicken
sesame chicken
Broccoli Chicken
General Tso's Chicken
Hunan Shrimp
Kung Pau Chicken1
sweet-sour chicken
sweet-sour pork
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(L)General Tso's Chicken
(L)Sesame Chicken
(L)Sweet & Sour Chicken
(L)Broccoli Beef
(D)General Tso's Chicken
(D)Scallops & Beef
(D)Pork Fried Rice
(D)Pork Lo Mein
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